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Foundational Programs include:

Foundational Formulas

include commonly deficient key nutrients, gut health support, and detoxification support, packaged in convenient dose packets. (Dosage guidelines are included.)

A Guidebook

includes Key diet and lifestyle guidelines and additional evidence-based guidance all distilled from over 4 decades of research and clinical experience

Support Materials

include charts and trackers to make it easier and simpler to consistently take your supplements and make wholesome diet and lifestyle changes!

Since nutritional deficiencies, gut challenges, and toxicity are the new “norm” in today’s society and all undermine one’s health and wellbeing, you would likely benefit from a Foundational Program. As with all Intelligent SelfCare™ programs, Foundational Programs support nutrient sufficiency, gut health, and detoxification with a unique and powerful combination of both evidence-based diet & lifestyle guidance and supplementation.

Designed with your well-being in mind.

The supplements and recommendations within the Foundational Programs are beneficial for adults, including those who:
So, whether you are generally feeling well and are looking to preserve your wellbeing, or you are living with fatigue, recurring pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, weight gain or another health challenge and want a better quality of life, a Foundational Program meets you where you are along your health journey.

The supplements within the Foundational Programs provide the body with the most commonly deficient nutrients that Dr Powers’ has discovered through countless years of research and practice. The key diet and lifestyle guidelines make it easier and simpler for you to think right, eat well, move often, sleep soundly, de-toxify, and stress less!

Together, both supplementation and guidance optimize healing, support weight and shape improvement, promote longevity, and help reduce disease risks – such as heart attacks, strokes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, etc. As such, this program is designed as the “base” (the strong foundation) upon which to “stack” a Restorative Program or a Condition-Specific Program, as needed, depending on your healthcare needs and goals.

Feel better. Function better. Live longer.


Judicious use of highly researched supplement formulations can help accelerate healing, build resilience, restore health, and even potentially reverse disease.

Based on over four decades of clinical testing, each Foundational Formula within the Foundational Program fills common dietary nutrient gaps and supports gut health, brain function, and detoxification. Each formula contains enough of the right supplement support to make a real and meaningful difference – over time – in you how you feel and function, all the while helping to reduce your disease risks.

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Supplementation includes:

All Foundational Formulas are:


Dr. Powers offers six different Foundational Formulas, improving the probability of you taking only what you most likely need, while also giving you the option to choose a formula best matched to your supplement budget.

Safe and beneficial

All Formulas are perfectly proportioned to include the “right” quantities of the most commonly deficient nutrients, coupled with highly researched gut and detoxification support, so you don’t have to worry about under- or over-taking your supplements and missing out on the benefits of supplementation.

Convenient and Affordable

Supplements come in daily-dosed packets, saving you time (say goodbye to rifling through multiple bottles!) and money (no leftover “pills” per bottle) offering maximum benefit and minimal expense.

  • Supplements add to your diet: Supplementation only serves to augment—and not replace—the health and healing initiated and sustained by your right “thinking” and “doing” (daily diet and lifestyle routines).
  • Benefits are cumulative: Benefits from taking supplements occur over time and require regular, consistent use.
  • If taking Prescription Medication: It is generally safe and recommended to take a FOUNDATIONAL Formula while on prescription medication. Doing so may help reduce the amount of medicine required and help compensate for nutrient depletions resulting from the medication. However, always inform your doctor of any supplementation you are taking.

Discover which Foundational Formula best matches your needs.


Although nutrient replenishment through supplementation and natural medicine often can be game changers for one’s overall wellbeing and healing, as proven time and time again with Dr Powers’ clients, supplements rarely adequately compensate for a poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, disturbed or insufficient sleep, a heavy toxic body burden, or a highly stressful existence. 

Recognizing that supplementation aids to complement one’s diet but not replace healthful eating and living, each Foundational Formula includes, Foundations for Creating Optimal Health: A Guidebook for Getting and Staying Well by Dr. Powers, a highly researched, a highly researched resource that makes it easier to make and implement better decisions around your diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and toxicity that more predictably increases your vitality, wellbeing, and longevity.

Distilled from over 40 years of clinical experience, this guidebook provides a powerful knowledge “base” to help clarify fundamental diet and lifestyle guidelines which – when coupled with your “matched” Foundational Formula – helps optimize your health and healing and reduce your disease risks. 

Within Foundations for Creating Optimal Health, you will find:

Optimal Health ebook by Dr. Richard Powers


These valuable resources help you more easily and successfully transition to a healthier diet and lifestyle, assist you in tracking your progress, and encourage you to stay focused on your new habits!
Intelligent SelfCare Support Materials

Discover which Foundational Formula best matches your needs.

Dr. Powers recommends about a 3-month trial period on a Foundational Program to see how you respond. However, if at any time your symptoms persist and you desire additional improvement in how you feel and function, either consider adding a Restorative Program if experiencing challenges with sleep or stress, or a Condition-Specific Program for challenges with immunity, gut health, blood sugar regulation (weight), high blood pressure, or bone health.

ALERT! If your symptoms worsen or become concerning, it is advised to consult an integrative physician experienced in functional medicine for additional guidance and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Powers FOUNDATIONAL Formulas are likely compatible – and potentially beneficial in conjunction – with most medications as they help compensate for any nutrient deficiencies caused by certain medications.

However, if on prescription medication it is still advisable to check with your doctor particularly before beginning any botanical-containing supplements, as are within most Intelligent SelfCare Formulas. (Note that only doctors experienced in and practicing integrative or functional medicine are truly knowledgeable in supplementation.)

It is best to consult with your doctor before taking any supplements when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

The benefits gained from the nutrients and gut/detoxification support within the Foundational Formulas vary from person to person and depend on their unique circumstances. That said, if you generally feel well, this formula will help you stay well. If you are experiencing some health challenges associated with nutrient deficiencies, toxicity, or gut issues, then you might expect to begin to feel improvement from the cumulative effects of the supplementation over time. (For additional support in specific areas, refer to the Restorative and Condition-Specific Intelligent SelfCare Programs.)

Without the advantage of a doctor-client relationship, I have defaulted to more conservative recommendations. It makes more sense to me to err on the side of caution rather than to offer additional or different guidance which may be more beneficial for some, but at the risk of being potentially detrimental for others.

If you are taking (or are considering taking) “self-prescribed” supplements, either from “Googling” supplements or from the recommendation of a well-intended friend or family member, know that it may result in suboptimal or even potentially harmful outcomes, and you would likely never know it.

Without the knowledge, training, and experience in nutritional medicine (as an experienced integrative physician has), it is difficult for you to determine if a supplement would likely be (or has been) safe and beneficial for you or not. So, aside from supplements prescribed for you by an integrative physician practicing functional medicine, your next best bet would be an Intelligent SelfCare formula, as all have been highly researched and vetted over a 40-year period by Dr. Powers.

Dr. Powers Formulas are:

  • Individualized – match your formula based on your age, medication usage, health, and
  • Bioavailable – highly absorbable; chelated; and dosed at time of day for optimal benefit (chrononutrition)
  • Guaranteed for purity and potency – pharmaceutical grade; independent third-party lab analyses
  • Safe and beneficial – a full complement of the right quantities and ratios of the most commonly deficient nutrients
  • Convenient and cost-effective – packaged in daily dose packets to save time and money (no left over bottles) and with AutoShip option available (save 5%).

Dr. Powers’ formulas fulfill the most commonly deficient nutrients revealed after measuring patient levels for over 40+ years; contain only the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in safe, effective quantities, and optimal “forms” and ratios; and include nutritional dosing recommendations at the time of day to achieve the greatest benefit (i.e., via chrononutrition).

Also, all Dr. Powers Formulas are manufactured by Xymogen, Inc. After touring and evaluating their manufacturing facility on numerous occasions, Dr. Powers found their quality standards to meet and exceed that of premium-grade ingredients.

Probably so, as it would help ensure you are not over-supplementing any particular nutrient (which may occur if you continue to take supplements you were taking previously in conjunction with your Foundational Formula). It also doesn’t make sense to invest in supplements that you don’t need. Additionally, any natural medicine (like botanicals or special “formulas”) you may have been taking may or may not have been beneficial, so reconsider your decision there as well.

If you are looking for additional support in a specific area – like with sleep or building greater stress resilience – add on a Restorative Program. If seeking support with immunity, gut health, blood pressure, blood sugar, bone health, etc., then a Condition-Specific Program would make sense for you.

Do you have a question not answered above? More answers here.