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Condition-Specific Programs include:

Evidence-based, Natural Medicine

which targets a specific system or tissue in the body to help facilitate healing, improve function, and/or to restore balance. (Dosage guidelines are included.)

Diet and Lifestyle Guidelines

focused specifically on promoting healing and balance to the area in need, such as the immune system, gut (GI tract), blood pressure, prostate, bone, or blood sugar regulation.

Focused Education and Insightful Tips

including how and why these challenges developed so you may make better decisions for your health and wellbeing going forward.

Condition-Specific Programs are designed to support
immunity, gut health, blood pressure, prostate health, bone health, or blood sugar regulation.

Life is challenging – if not at this moment, then in the recent past or upcoming future. Disappointment, loss, frustration, fear, anger, confusion, loneliness, trauma, and pain can trigger our need to get relief. Unfortunately, this hunt for relief often translates into choices that help us temporarily feel better but that are harmful in the long run – like excessively eating sugar, ice cream, and cheese, drinking alcohol, using tobacco, avoiding exercise, excessively using electronics/gaming, gambling, and turning to numbing/pain-relieving drugs (recreational, over-the-counter, prescription).

These unhealthy habits combined with the underlying emotional trauma (whether it be from loss or fear or some other feeling) impacts our physiology in negative ways. They can even potentially damage our gut, weaken digestion, impair immunity, disturb blood sugar balance and more. The door is then wide open to trigger additional pathology, like infection, raising (or lowering) blood pressure, demineralizing bone, enlarging the prostate, and other consequences.

If you are challenged with a recurring or ongoing health condition, then a Condition-Specific Program might be helpful for you – and a safer path forward – particularly if you need support with your:

All of which impact and can cause challenges with …

Are you already on a Foundational Program?

Dr. Powers’ recommendation: Prior to getting on a Condition-Specific Program, I recommend first getting on a Foundational Program as the nutrients and diet/lifestyle guidance within fundamentally help facilitate healing and repair of any condition. If you find you require additional support in these areas, then you may “stack” whichever Condition-Specific Program you are seeking additional support with – gut, immunity, blood pressure, prostate, bone health, or blood sugar regulation.

Foundational Programs include key diet and lifestyle guidelines that most fundamentally foster healing, wellbeing, longevity, and a longer healthspan. These guidelines are coupled with a Foundational Formula – one of six different daily supplement formulas matched to your age, health, diet, and medication usage — designed to fill dietary nutrients gaps and support gut health and detoxification.

Discover which Foundational Formula best matches your needs.

Are you needing more support and ready to “stack” a
Condition-Specific Program with your Foundational Program

As with all Intelligent SelfCare™  programs, Condition-Specific Programs include a unique and powerful combination of evidence-based diet & lifestyle guidance and supplementation to restore health and balance your wellbeing.

Condition-Specific Programs include:

  • Blood pressure – Cordiart®, omega-3 fats (as EPA/DHA), CoQ10, magnesium and more
  • Blood sugar regulation – lipoic acid, cinnamon extract, chromium, fenugreek, and more
  • Bone health – Vitamins A, D, and K, Silicon, Biotin, magnesium, omega-3 fats and more
  • Gut health – zinc carnosine, L-Glutamine, aloe, Lactospore® probiotic, butyrate and more
  • Immunity – beta glucan, zinc gluconate lozenges, Vitamins A and D, immunoglobulins and more
  • Pain relief – curcumin (BCM 95), Boswellia (BOS-10), DLPA, homeopathic remedies and more
  • Prostate health – Pygeum extract, Flowens® cranberry extract, beta-sitosterol, saw palmetto, and more

Get Started with a Condition–Specific Program

More Condition-Specific Programs Coming Soon!

Contact me when Blood Pressure, Bone Health, Gut Health, Blood Sugar Regulation or Prostate Health is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

ALERT! If at any point your challenges with sleep or stress worsen or become concerning, it is likely time to consult an integrative physician experienced in functional medicine for additional guidance and support.

To get the best results, first implement a Foundational Program, as the Key Diet and Lifestyle Guidelines and supplements within the Foundational Formula provide essential “base” support for every “condition.” In addition, the supplementation within each Condition-Specific Formula has been designed as an add-on to the supplements within a Foundational Formula.

Step 1: Begin a Foundational Program.

Continue for about a month so that you and your body can acclimate to your supplements, and you have had an opportunity to make a few diet and lifestyle modifications.

Step 2: After about a month if you still feel the need for support for your “condition” (gut, bone, prostate, blood pressure, etc.), begin the Condition-Specific Program aligned with your top health priority or concern.  

Continue taking your Foundational supplement support, adding in the supplementation from your Condition-Specific program. At this time, preferentially turn your attention to the specific diet and lifestyle recommendations for your “condition,” which are included in your Condition-Specific program.

Step 3: Once achieving the results you desire, slowly transition off the Condition-Specific supplement support, as directed within that Program.

The goal is to take the least amount of supplement support you require, but no less than that! If you find you feel better with the Condition-Specific supplement support, you can take it indefinitely, although try and skip two days a week and one week every three months. This helps maintain the efficacy of the targeted supplement support within your Condition-Specific Program. If after transitioning off your Condition-Specific supplementation your symptoms worsen, increase or resume the Condition-Specific supplementation.

If after about 2-3 months you are not experiencing sufficient results (with your gut, blood pressure, prostate, etc.), seek professional guidance from an integrative physician practicing functional medicine. Get assistance in finding an integrative doctor here.

If you are experiencing budget constraints and can only afford one program at a time, you have two options. You can either switch from the supplementation within your Foundational Program to that which is within the Condition-Specific Program, monitoring your improvements in that area until you are ready to transition off and return to your Foundational supplements. Or, alternatively, you may continue with your Foundational supplementation, making sure to adhere as attentively as you can to the diet and lifestyle guidelines within the Foundational Program, as both (supplements and guidelines) cumulatively and favorably impact all aspects of your physiology which helps whatever “condition” you are seeking support within.

Although the extent of an individual’s “condition” varies from person to person, generally speaking, most people will experience improvement in their “condition” (blood pressure, prostate health, gut health, etc.) within about 1-3 months on a Condition-Specific Program, though it could take longer, particularly if the “condition” is long-standing.

If possible, try and give it about 2-3 months to experience the benefits of the diet and lifestyle improvements you’ve made and the supplementation you took before turning to an integrative physician experienced in Functional Medicine for additional guidance and support. Get assistance in finding an integrative doctor here.

Although it is recommended to combine a Foundational Program (and potentially a Restorative Program to help with sleep or stress, if needed) with a Condition-Specific Program, it is best not to combine more than one Condition-Specific Program at a time to avoid over-supplementation, overwhelm, or confusion. Instead, continue with your chosen Condition-Specific Program until you feel it has sufficiently resolved – or when another, different “condition” becomes your top priority – at which time you can discontinue your current Condition-Specific Program and begin a new, different one that is consistent with your next top health priority. If you don’t get sufficient results from a Condition-Specific Program – or if you have several priority health concerns – seek professional guidance from an integrative physician practicing functional medicine. Get assistance in finding an integrative doctor here.

It is generally safe and recommended to take a Condition-Specific Formula (supplementation) while taking a prescription medication. In fact, doing so may help reduce the amount of prescription medicine you require and/or help compensate for nutrient depletions and/or side-effects resulting from the prescription medication. However, out of an abundance of caution, always inform your doctor of any supplementation you are taking (or want to take) while on a prescription drug.

If pregnant or lactating, consult with your doctor before taking a Condition-Specific Formula or supplementation of any kind.

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